The Benefits of Cloud Computing

The Top Benefits of Cloud Computing 

Over a trillion gigabytes of data will be stored in the cloud by 2025, according to recent reports. A reflection of the influence cloud computing has on modern business. The fact that so many businesses can transition to cloud computing speaks volumes about its benefits. These benefits include boosted efficiency in collaboration, unprecedented data security, and added flexibility of business practices. Different cloud service providers have characteristics that make them stand out. Microsoft’s Azure Cloud, for example, is highly acclaimed for the excellent scalability and sustainability it gives to businesses. In this piece, we shall discuss more about the advantages that cloud computing gifts the world.

Cloud Computing Cuts Costs Related to IT

Traditionally, the safest choice for businesses was buying IT equipment such as servers to establish a secure data storage facility. This was an expensive undertaking because of the initial cost, not to mention the cost of running a full-on server room. By adopting cloud-based options, businesses can save on these costs and channel the money towards other beneficial endeavors. You do not have to worry about maintaining servers, paying IT gurus, and settling high energy bills with cloud storage. Additionally, you don’t experience loss caused by notorious downtimes. To put it into perspective, Azure cloud provides an uptime of over 99.9%, which is very ideal for businesses across the world.

Added Scalability and Business Continuity After Disasters

Businesses today experience unprecedented ups and downs, especially during the pandemic era. Cloud computing allows the flexibility that enterprises need to remain in operation during these changes. Entrepreneurs who have transitioned to the cloud do not have to experience the trouble of scaling IT systems up or down as the cloud providers do this from their end. Similarly, using cloud services ensures continuity of business in the event of unfortunate occurrences, including natural disasters. Your data is always backed up, secure, all you need to do is restore and continue conducting business as if nothing happened. Azure is on top of its game with its disaster recovery architecture. With the Microsoft-based cloud solution, companies can set up personalized recovery procedures with failover and replication parameters in one cloud.

Modern Analytics and Insights

Imagine having to look through countless physical records in an attempt to find insights for crafting better marketing strategies. The cloud stores every ounce of data, and this data sits there waiting for the day you will need it. Cloud computing providers offer analytical solutions, and Azure leads this path as well. Azure service consists of built-in analytical mechanisms that let you visualize your business progress so you can compare it with your goals and make futuristic decisions. And if that’s not enough, Azure has machine learning attributes that allow for testing strategies to give you a strong chance to refine your decisions before incorporating them into your business.

Boosted Data Security

Data security is one of the biggest concerns for any company, regardless of its size. Cloud computing comes with state-of-the-art security frameworks that control data access, among other attack-prone data properties. Having been in operation for decades, it’s by no surprise that Microsoft’s Azure cloud solution is a market leader. The seriousness with which Azure takes data security makes it arguably the most sought after cloud solution for sensitive industries such as government-based and health industries. The resource features multiple compliance certificates, multi-factor authentication processes, and other fundamental signages that determine data security.

Cloud computing has revolutionized the business space overwhelmingly. Besides the advantages highlighted in this blog, cloud computing enhances mobility, fast deployment, and presents an unmatched level of overall reliability.

Microsoft’s Azure cloud leads the way with beneficial infrastructure and sophisticated solutions. When looking for the ideal cloud provider, be keen to conduct sufficient research so that you select what works best for you, depending on the size and type of your business.

Kontex are a Microsoft Gold Partner and have a wealth of knowledge and experience with Azure.  If you would like more information please reach out to us where you will be put in touch with one of our experts.



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