Security Testing Landing Page

Security Testing Landing Page

Identify threats and quantify risks of your existing infrastructure.

Our security testing team is equipped with the latest Tactics, Techniques and Procedures (TTPs) to help you be proactive in identifying security risks and enhance your defence mechanisms.

Kontex has extensive experience in emulating a threat actor’s attack strategies to evaluate your security posture.

We’re a Cyber Security consultancy creating resilient solutions.

From Strategy, Advisory and Implementation to Management and everything in between.

Penetration Testing

Identify your security weaknesses before someone else does.

Ensure consistent network and software security. Give your organisation more confidence in detecting and responding to threat actors.

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Vulnerability Management

Identify and quantify security vulnerabilities in your organisation’s systems and applications for timely risk reduction.

Combat the overhead of tracking vulnerabilities on an enterprise risk register that requires time, monetary and staffing resources.

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Adversary Emulation

Proactively assess your procedures and security controls against advanced attacks

The key to protecting your organisation against critical threats is preparation. While your team may have all the right certifications, proven processes, and the most recent and robust threat detection tools, it’s hard to know how well these components will work together without testing them.

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