Security Consultant
Project Location(s):
Dublin, Ireland
Job Type:
Full time, Employee
Bachelor’s Degree

Responsibilities Include:

  • Perform application, web, mobile and network penetration tests using both automated and manual techniques 
  • Perform scoping exercise with clients  
  • Coach and assist other team members and performs quality assurance tasks 
  • Identify and exploit vulnerabilities in commercial, open source, custom software applications and infrastructure for client across different sectors.   
  • Compose actionable test reports with business context and record vulnerability data according to the reporting guidelines 
  • Effectively deliver technical debriefs to clients including technical staff and business leaders 
  • Maintain testing tools, hardware, and equipment creating new tools where appropriate 
  • Develop scripts, tools, methodologies and best practices to improve team capabilities 
  • Demonstrate deep knowledge of common operating systems, mobile and cloud technology 
  • Capable of developing and delivering successful scenario based tests  
  • Perform well in client facing meetings, conference calls and presentations 
  • Keep to date with and learn the latest and most advanced security testing techniques, development tools, and frameworks

The successful candidate will possess at least some of

3+ years advanced penetration testing experience plus related certifications (e.g. OSCP, OSCE, GPEN, GWAPT, GXPN, CREST CRT, CHECK Team Leader, CHECK Team Member) 



  • Experience identifying and exploiting vulnerabilities in commercial, open source, and custom software

  • Experience identifying and exploiting vulnerabilities in cloud, network and applications and to a lesser degree mobile applications (iOS, Android)
  • Experience with penetration testing tools (e.g. Metasploit, Burp Suite, Kali Linux, etc.) 
  • Experience manually executing attacks without the use of tools
  • Experience in scenario based cyber resilience testing using threat modelling and threat intelligence is a distinct advantage
  • Experience conducting secure code reviews is an advantage




  • Knowledge of multiple common operating systems 

  • Knowledge of common networking configurations, load balancing, firewalls, and security controls 
  • Knowledge of authentication and SSO technologies
  • Ability to script and build automation to eliminate reoccurring/repetitious work



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