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About us

About us

When we formed Kontex in 2015, it was borne from frustration we felt having worked in the consultancy industry for some time.

We could see many of the challenges organisations were facing were compounded by the practice of selling more tools, large transformations projects and outsourcing key functions. And really, it just didn’t sit well with us. We wanted to do better. We knew we could prioritise the basics, leveraging organisations existing investments and provide the best talent for the challenge at hand. We wanted to create solutions, not problems.

We’re happy to say our vision for Kontex became a reality, our client-centric, engineering first approach where the client and success of the project was our greatest priority was well received. Allowing us to become an extension of their existing security teams and being able to offer unbiased advice.

Present day! We still operate this way.

We’re proud to say we work with some of the largest organisations in Ireland and globally, including numerous Fortune 500 companies spanning many industries including Financial, Life Sciences, Insurance, Telecommunications, Construction, State and Semi-State.

It makes us very proud to see what Kontex has grown to be today.  We have built a highly skilled team and our focus is to ensure we remain on the pulse of emerging technologies and trends enabling us to keep the best in breed service, continuing to deliver some of the largest and most ambitious cyber projects across Europe.

We have done so much already but really, we’re only getting started.  We’re excited for what is to come next.

Maybe we get to work with your organisation? Or maybe you get to work in ours?


Our Core Values

We Display Grit, Without Ego

We work hard, we don’t give up,  we give it our all and we show humility, always.

We Enhance Value

We will always look to enhance your existing investments with our services. Any technologies we recommend will be unbiased and the best one for your organisation’s challenges.

We Build Relationships

The client and project outcome will always be our greatest priority. We become an extension of your security team providing best in breed services.

We Innovate

Technology changes at a ferocious speed. To continue to bring value to our clients, we innovate and remain agile to match strides with a rapidly evolving technology landscape.

We Support Our Team

We support each other to succeed, we collaborate leveraging our shared knowledge and skills to bring our clients the very best outcome.

Patrick O’ Callaghan

Managing Director

Patrick is a senior information security leader with a broad range of experience in cybersecurity and data protection. In his career spanning over 15 years, Patrick has experience in several industries including banking/finance, insurance, utilities, telecommunications, manufacturing, and semi-state bodies.  Prior to founding Kontex, Patrick led consulting teams across Big4 and leading multinational cyber security vendors.

Patrick’s areas of interest include, cyber threat intelligence, information security management systems, risk assessment, cybersecurity frameworks, security operations, penetration testing, security architecture, data protection, and incident response.


Michael Perez


Michael is an experienced information security professional who works with organisations to identify, design, implement, and operationalise their cyber security initiatives. Through prior experience in PwC and Deloitte, Michael has gained a wealth of knowledge working with Fortune 500 clients around the world. Equipped with a broad skill set, Michael now specialises in helping our enterprise clients with:

  • Data Loss Prevention Initiatives– Michael helps organisations discover their “crown-jewels” and develop strategies to secure this data leveraging existing technology investments, and dedicated DLP solutions.
  • Security Architecture – Michael works with enterprises to ensure security requirements and objectives are defined and incorporated into technology projects.
  • Cloud Security Assurance – Michael advises on the secure design of cloud environments and solutions hosted in Azure and AWS.
  • Cyber Transformation Strategies – Michael helps organisations transform and mature their security posture to better protect against an evolving risk landscape.

Frank Renehan


Frank is an experienced Information Security professional with a track record of successfully delivering projects in the areas of Endpoint Security, Email and Web Security, Digital Forensics & Investigations, Data Loss Prevention and Information Governance.

Frank spent seven years in a Big 4 Technology and Information Security consulting role.

Cathal Slattery


Cathal is an experienced Legal, Privacy and Information Security Professional, with significant knowledge and expertise in the areas of Data Protection, Cyber Security, eDiscovery, Digital Forensics, Governance, Risk and Compliance. Cathal has over a decade of experience spanning across the Legal, Data Protection and Information Security fields.  

Cathal began his professional career following extensive legal studies and training, where he worked in a top 4 law firm focussing on commercial litigation.  

Cathal then moved into information security consulting where he continued to work closely with law firms in eDiscovery and Digital Forensics. While working in the information security sector, Cathal used his legal, data protection and security experience to become a leading implementer of the GDPR portfolio and acted as an outsourced DPO for a number of multinationals and financial institutions.        

Michal Skackov


Michal is an Enterprise and Security Architect with a breadth of experience across Cloud Architecture & Design, Identity & Access Management, Application Security, Mobility, Innovation, Enterprise Strategy and Business Architecture. Michal focuses on helping organisations to design and architect secure solutions in-line with regulatory compliance and complex critical business requirements.

Michal will push the status-quo to modernize enterprises by developing target architecture designs, driving technology strategies, providing on-going implementation support services and oversight.

Michal helps organisations to realise their vision by:

  • Leveraging efficient, modern cloud design principles through the use of APIs, microservices & containers.
  • Incorporating security best-practices into architecture.
  • Streamlining and automating identity and access management, IAG, PAM/PIM, Federation, B2B, and B2C.
  • Leveraging real time streaming, integration and robotic process automation.


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