Under Attack?

Adversary Emulation as a Service

Adversary Emulation as a Service

Proactively assess your procedures and security controls against advanced attack campaigns such as CozyBear, Ryuk, Maze and Conti.

The key to protecting your organisation against critical threats is preparation. While your team may have all the right certifications, proven processes, and the most recent and robust threat detection tools, it’s hard to know how well these components will work together without testing them.

Can you demonstrate to your board that you have the ability to detect and respond to advanced threats and attack campaigns?

According to IBM, it takes a company 197 days to discover the breach and up to 69 days to contain it.

Companies that contained a breach in less than 30 days saved more than $1 million compared to those that took more than 30 days. A slow response to a data breach can cause even more trouble for your company. It can result in a loss of customer trust, productivity, or major fines.

Kontex, in partnership with Scythe.io, has developed a comprehensive Adversary Emulation Service that will enable you to improve your ability to prevent, detect and respond to the latest attack techniques observed in recent data breaches. Our offering uses regularly scheduled assessments that incorporate the latest highly realistic scenarios relevant to your industry.

Our 4 phased approach will allow you to

  • Map your blue team capabilities
  • Execute a red team exercise aligned with a relevant campaign
  • Enhance your controls based on real telemetry
  • Gain the ability to demonstrate to leadership and third parties that your security programme is effective

By leveraging our Adversary Emulation as a Service solution, you will be able to assess if your endpoint security providers, SIEM, proxy and MSSPs are doing what they say they are. We will give you quantitative evidence of what is working and what is not against advanced attack campaigns.

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