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Advanced Customer Support

Advanced Customer Support

Kontex’s Advanced Customer Support Model provides access to our most talented subject matter experts (SME’s) to support your team across the various security domains on a drawdown basis.

Our tailored model for your organisation will ensure you always have the right Cyber Security SMEs available to support your requirements, collaborate with your teams, resolve issues quickly and succeed in your projects.

Kontex’s Advanced Customer Support Model is a tailored service for access to our most talented SMEs on demand and to suit your organisation’s requirements on a monthly rolling basis.

Finding the right talent for your projects, approving project plans/statements of work, on-boarding new resources, dealing with procurement and approved supplier lists adds time and complexity to security projects

This is an addition to the unique CAPEX/OPEX requirements of your organisation.

Kontex’s Advanced Customer Support Model is a tailored service for access to our most talented SMEs on demand and to suit your organisation’s requirements on a monthly rolling basis.

With Kontex’s Advanced Customer Support model, we utilise our global Information Security support professionals with unique skills and expertise across all relevant security disciplines to support your organisation as you require them. Our team will complement your current IT and Security investments.

Kontex will work with your team as a premium security partner, providing Subject Matter Expertise for your projects or initiatives as required.

We also provide an experienced, dedicated Customer Success Manager (CSM) to lead the engagement and ensure you continue to derive value from the engagement.

Our Advanced Customer Support Model is designed to support our customer’s innovation, drive business growth, protect their existing business, and maximise their current and future spend. We do this through:


Your team will be connected with our Advisory, Engineering and Architecture SMEs to support you on the relevant initiatives. You will have faster access to SMEs which fit your requirements.


By Kontex’s Advanced Support Team being integrated with your organisation, we offer tailored support for every step of your digital security, transformation unique security maturation needs.


We leverage our proven Methodologies & IP, Tooling, Technology Partnerships and Industry relationships to provide consistency and simplicity as we meet our customer’s needs.


Our Quality Management Systems supports an unrivalled approach to quality delivery and relationship maintenance. It supports quality of delivery while managing costs for our customers.


We provide a tailored and flexible approach which is designed to meet each customer’s individual business security needs across the entire organisation.

We are focused on prioritising our customer’s security needs by supporting them with each security initiative where we offer flexible services to meet their requirements.

With Kontex’s Advanced Customer Support Model, we will assign a Customer Success Manager to work with you.

They will allocate resources with subject matter experts across Advisory, Security Engineering, Architecture, Security Technologies and Initiatives.

Rather than procuring resources on a time and material basis, you can allocate funding to support your enterprise security strategy on a Monthly/Quarterly/Annual basis.

Service Offering

Kontex’s Advanced Support SMEs have experience supporting multiple organisations across various security domains. This allows our team to understand the need behind the project, initiative, or request. We understand our customers, enable them, work for them, support them and empower them through their journey.

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