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Cyber Resilience & Business Continuity

Cyber Resilience & Business Continuity

Cyber resilience is becoming the new baseline for excellence, with reputation and credibility being defined by the recovery and restoration from an incident or event.

The question of ‘if we have an incident’ has been replaced with ‘When your business has an incident’ are you confident you are postured to overcome the disruption? Cyber resilience is the ability to overcome that disruption, irrespective of duration, severity, or impact. Cyber resilience is the condition achieved through effective planning, preparation, and practice.

An organisation in the UK suffered a data breach in 2015 and was fined £400,000, with the organisation then disclosing the breach actually cost £60m. This was the cost of lost custom, compensation, and other aspects. For each £1 fine there was a £150 cost applied in the court of public opinion.

Your resilience determines how you are judged in that court of public opinion, and how you subsequently fare as a business

Cyber resilience is beyond a business function. It is a way of doing business, underpinning your organisation with a resilience foundation to support fully across your entire organisation in the event of an incident or breach or other event.

Kontex advisory have the technical means, breadth of knowledge and wealth of experience necessary to support the implementation and embedding of cyber resilience.

The Kontex approach is to understand your business, working with you to map priorities, then ensure the enabling assets are managed for a robust, enduring, sustainable, appropriate, and proportionate Cyber Resilience Management System.


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