Under Attack?

Assessments & Compliance

Assessments & Compliance

Can your organisation confidently stand up to the challenges of today’s threat landscape and regulatory environment?

What are your biggest risks? Are you doing enough to protect your customers? Are you meeting all your regulatory obligations?

Answering these questions and understanding the effectiveness of your organisation’s cyber security is key to protecting your people processes and technology. Organisations face a landscape where the technologies driving business are getting more and more complex, and the consequences of a breach are increasing thanks to more robust laws and regulations along with heightened customer awareness.

With this complexity comes an increased risk that an attacker can find the gap in your defences. Security and Regulatory assessments are an effective way to ensure you measure your organisation’s cyber posture.

Security assessments and regulatory compliance checks provide your organisation with:

  • A comprehensive understanding of the risks facing your organisation.
  • An objective view of your organisations security posture against industry best practice and relevant regulation.
  • The data required to define a strategy, reduce risks, and target spending effectively.

Kontex’s Advisory team can help you take a methodical and integrated approach to security assessments and regulatory compliance checks in your organisation.

Understanding Cyber risk is a challenge for all organisations; security assessments and regulatory checks allow your business to stay ahead of emerging threats and respond to new regulations.

  • Identify and reduce risks.
  • Capture the metrics that count.
  • Prove regulatory compliance.
  • Build a solid foundation.
  • Check your progress.
  • Drive your strategy.


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