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DMARC Enforcement

DMARC Enforcement

Take active measures to block phishing attacks, protect your reputation and increase deliverability.

Nearly 90% of all phishing attacks impersonate brands or people that their targets trust. Moreover, the hardest to detect and most damaging phishing vector is exact-domain impersonation.

Without a DMARC record configured to enforcement (quarantine or reject), cybercriminals can openly spoof your organisation’s exact email domains to commit fraud against customers, partners, executives, or employees — without using malware, bad links, or infected attachments that would trigger your existing email security solutions.

According to Valimail, 79% of Fortune 500 domains can still be spoofed, because they either have no DMARC, or they are using DMARC in “monitor mode”.


Achieving DMARC enforcement for your domains takes back control, allowing you to ensure that only email sources you trust and explicitly authorise can use your domains and deliver to users.

Protecting your domain and brand from use by spammers and impersonators will allow you to enhance your reputation and delivery rates. This will ensure that your mail reaches the intended audience while malicious actors experience frustration and failure.

Protecting your domains from impersonation protects your users, customers and partners from impersonation attacks using exact-domain impersonation. Removing this threat protects from Business Email Compromise, invoice fraud, phishing attempts and more.


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