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Data Loss Prevention

Data Loss Prevention

Protecting your information assets from theft and leakage is becoming more important and challenging than ever.

With employees and data working in increasingly decentralised and disparate ways, enabling productive work while keeping the organisation’s information assets is a fundamental element of your information security landscape.

A comprehensive Data Loss Prevention (DLP) programme needs to be tailored and right-sized for each organisation.

Understanding how your colleagues create, store and share data and the types of data involved, is fundamental for enabling the right protection at the right time for the right data. Deploying the same protection to the lunch menu as to your key intellectual property is wasteful of time and resources.

Data breaches are becoming more and more prevalent across all industries and territories.

Governments, cyber-security software providers, banks and more –  are all falling prey to data loss events. Customers and partners are growing more demanding around the protection applied to their information assets and supply chain.

Service Offering

Kontex can support you with your Data Loss challenges in a number of ways:

DLP Strategy

We have developed Data Loss Prevention strategies for numerous clients to define and scope how best to protect their information assets. We will work with you to identify your Crown Jewels, the critical data assets of your organisation, and those that need most protection. With an understanding of your information landscape, we will identify the most appropriate and effective measures for protecting your data. This may include updating business processes, tuning your existing technology stack to take advantage of native protections, or deployment of targeted technologies to detect and prevent instances of data loss.

Technology Implementation

Our team have deployed Data Loss Prevention solutions for clients across industries to protect their data at rest, in use and in motion. These solutions can protect you from data breaches across all channels whether accidental or deliberate.

Managed DLP Service
  • We provide managed services to clients to cover the full suite of DLP requirements;
    • designing and implementing the right protection landscape
    • developing and maintaining tailored detection rules and processes
    • performing first and second level review of incidents prior to escalation in line with your business processes providing awareness content and training.


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