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Vulnerability Management as a Service

Identify and quantify security vulnerabilities in your organisation’s systems and applications for timely risk reduction.

Combat the overhead of tracking vulnerabilities on an enterprise risk register that requires time, monetary and staffing resources.

Maintaining continuous visibility into the most imminently exploitable threats is a challenge that most businesses face. Ensuring the correct vulnerabilities are assigned to the rightful system owner, or following progress to remediate the most urgent flaws first is time consuming and resource intensive.

17009 security vulnerabilities (CVEs) published in 2020, increase of 949 (or approx. 1000) since 2019.

Top 3 weaknesses:

1. XSS: 11.4%

2. Improper Privilege Management: 6.3%

3. Improper Input Validation: 5.8%


At Kontex our aim is to help organisations to understand their security weaknesses by adopting a comprehensive vulnerability management program.

Our specialists quantify risks associated with those weaknesses in line with the criticality of your assets. Our Vulnerability Management as a Service differentiates itself from other service offerings as we help you to understand the root cause of vulnerabilities, to adapt and improve.

Vulnerability Assessment

A single point in time activity which discovers security weaknesses within systems being assessed.

Vulnerability Management

An ongoing assessment, conducted at regular time intervals, measuring progress and gauging risk of system vulnerabilities.

Vulnerability Management as a Service

Minimise the window of an active vulnerability by proactively validating, assigning and fixing it.

Dig deeper and understand the core business and technical issues that are affecting the rise of such vulnerabilities. Improve operations to minimise risk.

Kontex offers a complete vulnerability management life cycle service for finding and remediating security vulnerabilities before they are exploited.

Focus your efforts on what matters most and let Kontex take control.

  • Detect and validate security weaknesses
  • Measure a system’s susceptibility to attack
  • Prioritise, assign and track vulnerability remediation
  • Optimise security investments
  • Minimise attack surface
  • Continuous visibility
  • End-to-end support

Service Offering

Kontex’s Vulnerability Management as a Service is not a simple vulnerability assessment, nor multiple assessments conducted over a certain period of time. It is encompassing a combination of moving parts in an organisation’s security environment:


Onboarding of Management Assets





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