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Managed DLP

Managed DLP

Ensure a successful enterprise-wide data protection strategy.

The loss of sensitive data is a risk for every organisation. Whether it’s through accidental disclosure, or through intentional theft, data loss incidents can result in regulatory fines, loss of reputation, and give your competition an edge in these challenging times.

Traditionally, many organisations would have leveraged Data Loss Prevention (DLP) technology to help detect and stop data loss events; however, given the dynamic nature of many businesses, the prevalence of cloud-based applications, and a growing remote workforce, it’s becoming more and more difficult to identify actual data loss events from standard business operations. DLP solutions today must be maintained, monitored and tuned constantly to keep up with your business operations.

Between January 1, 2005, and May 31, 2020, there have been 11,762 recorded breaches.

ID Theft Resource Centre

On average, only 5% of companies’ folders are properly protected.


Personal data was involved in 58% of breaches in 2020.


Kontex can help your organisation face the challenges of Data Loss Prevention.

We will work with you to implement and manage DLP solutions to detect high risk actions involving sensitive data.

DLP should not be seen as a single product, but rather as a function that evolves with the business to identify and mitigate the risk of data loss across the enterprise.

Effective DLP programmes are not operated in an IT or Security vacuum. They require regular input from business, HR, Legal, and Privacy to ensure detection polices remain relevant to the business, and that the appropriate disciplinary function and incident response processes are followed. In this strategy, we have outlined where input from various departments and business units will be required and estimated level of effort.

In order to support you in meeting your DLP objectives, we separate the overall DLP programme into 3 distinct functions:


Maximising the capabilities of the existing DLP solution.


Ensuring incidents are reviewed and responded to.


Ensuring that operating procedures are defined to respond to data loss events.

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