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Managed DMARC

Managed DMARC

Ensuring continued protection against impersonation and other email attacks.

Reaching DMARC Enforcement is a notable step in protecting your users, domains and brands from the threat of impersonation and other email attacks.

Once the project team wraps up and moves on, the transition to Business-as-Usual can pose a challenge. Your Security Operations team may not have the skills or bandwidth to maintain another solution. DMARC Enforcement needs to be kept up to date to ensure new services and domains are onboarded and permitted to safely send on your behalf while old services are offboarded and their risk removed.

According to Valimail, 79% of Fortune 500 domains can still be spoofed, because they either have no DMARC, or they are using DMARC in “monitor mode”.


Kontex helps organisations combat threats to their email landscape. Attaining and maintaining DMARC Enforcement takes back control, allowing you to ensure that only email sources you trust and explicitly authorise, can use your domains and deliver to users.

Our Managed DMARC service ensures that your email activity is monitored and evaluated with deviations investigated and assessed for appropriateness and response as required. Our team of engineers can ensure that your protection stays relevant and current to how your organisation is operating.

Protecting your domains from impersonation protects your users, customers and partners from impersonation attacks using exact-domain impersonation.

Removing this threat protects your organisation from Business Email Compromise, invoice fraud, phishing attempts and more.


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