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If you have a passion for Cyber Security and Technology, we have a home for it!

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At Kontex, we unlock the potential of talent in the information security sectors. If you have a passion for Cyber Security and Technology, we have a home for it!

For graduates and experienced candidates who are interested in joining Kontex, you can feel reassured that our dynamic training programmes will help you grow and achieve success at each step of your career. From entry level through to directorship, every employee at Kontex is given the support and freedom to thrive.

Employee Benefits

Competitive Salary

What else can we say, we reward our talented team with a great salary with the support and environment to grow.

Unplug and Recharge

21 Days plus increase with tenure. Plus a purchase time off option.

Save for the Future

Pension scheme with employer contribution.


As a company we proactively encourage and promote healthier lifestyles and attitudes We run wellness and inclusion initiatives via our sports and social platform.

Purchase Time Off 

Sometimes you just need that extra day off, whether it’s for wellbeing or a busy year for lifes social commitments!  Kontex allows you to buy a day off, we give your days salary to Charity.

Know your stuff, keep learning

We invest in your future with continued learning in technical and soft skills. We aim to challenge, grow, and forward you in your career.

Stay Healthy

The wellbeing of our team is important to us. We provide a competitive Private Health Insurance package.

Mentoring System

Every team member is assigned their very own mentor to help them settle into life at Kontex.

Kontex Aware -Time Off

Whether you’re volunteering for charity or donating blood. We have several initiatives that allows you to contribute to society under our CSR Programme.

Diversity & Inclusion

We are committed to better. You will find an inclusive culture, a safe environment, fostering empathy and mutual respect.

What our staff say

“The culture at Kontex is probably the most important element of the company to me. Everyone from the top down is supportive, transparent and positive. There isn’t a single person on my team or among the directors who takes themselves too seriously or brings a negative pressure to work.”


Head of Cloud Services

“What I love the most about working at Kontex is the innovative environment. Autonomy is encouraged allowing me to steer my own career. As a growing company there is a need to work smarter not harder, this need for thinking outside the box drives our team to look for innovative solutions & technology partners.  This allows me to challenge myself every day.”



 “Kontex always encourages our ideas, and has opened more opportunities for me as I get to work with the latest technologies on our client projects, so my skillset is constantly being widened. By giving me multiple clients, I have gained the confidence to accept new challenges. We also have an active sport & social which always keeps us connected even in the remote work environment.  Kontex is a great place to work ”



“What I love about Kontex is the people and their infectious passion for doing something they enjoy. I am proud to be part of a team driven to problem solve differently and most importantly, better. Kontex is a place to discover your potential and get support from every angle.”


Information Security Consultant

Our Culture

This is Kontex!


You seek perpetual growth!

We constantly adapt and evolve to stay a step ahead in our ever changing industry, for our clients, ourselves and our company.


You own it!

At Kontex we believe in taking charge of our own situation and actively seeking solutions. Autonomy is encouraged, fostering personal development and professional growth.


You’re Nice to people!

We’re a team who show up for each other and we act with empathy. You’ll treat your clients and co-workers with genuine care, kindness and respect.


You’re transparent!

We are honest and forthright in our dealings internally and externally.  Building trust builds a better company.


You love what you do!

We genuinely are passionate about security,  and we are good at seeking like-minded individuals. If you work here we’ve recognised that quality in you.

Times 10

You go that extra mile!

At all times we strive to give our clients and co-workers more than what is expected of us.



Kontex Aware – Committed to Better

We believe we have built a great company, but with that comes a greater responsibility. Kontex Aware was formed out of our awareness of this responsibility, awareness of the community around us, the environment around us, the diversity around us and a variety of societal issues that deserves our acknowledgement, our advocacy and our support.

In this program, Kontex actively pledges support to Charities and causes, we encourage our employees to get involved and enable them to do so through several initiatives that benefit everyone. Whether it’s allowing them time off  for charity volunteering, donation matching schemes, blood donation or being able to suggest initiatives to us. We are Aware, and we are ‘Committed to Better’


In some areas we know we have a long way to go and our CSR motto resonates here perfectly.” We are ”committed to better”. We know it will take time to get where we want to be and we’ve been quietly achieving some of the goals we recently set out for the company.

The Technology industry is predominantly male. Over an 8 month period between 2020 and 2021, we increased our female workforce from zero to 33% and of that figure, over 75% are in technical roles. We will continue to strive to close the gender gap. Our nationalities number has risen steadily over the last year and we now employ 18 different nationalities and counting.

To further commit to our a growingly diverse workforce we are members of Certified Proud, an accreditation membership body that strives towards LGBTQ+ equality throughout businesses in Ireland. We have integrated the certified proud principles into our company culture, promising a safe, equal, respectful and visibly inclusive environment for LGBTQ+ employees.


“An inclusive culture, a safe environment, fostering empathy and mutual respect is absolutely the kind of company we want to nurture here at Kontex, for all members of staff and from all walks of life”  Pat O’Callaghan, Managing Director, Kontex.



  • At Kontex our team are highly motivated, passionate, and dedicated, going that extra mile for our clients. However, we know the wellness of our employees plays an important part in our organisation’s culture and success. We recognise this by investing in their mental and physical wellbeing. Our employees are our most valued asset and we know it!
  • We hold ongoing wellness and inclusion initiatives via our sports and social platform, along with weekly fun quizzes giving our team a chance to engage with each other outside of their professional roles. (the trick is not to win so you don’t have to set the questions for the following week!)
  • The team encourages each other to strengthen their physical and mental fitness, build resilience and growth mindset. As a company we proactively encourage and promote healthier lifestyles and attitudes.
  • We provide prizes and incentives for participation in our wellness initiatives. We have an activities group on Strava to provide Kudos and encouragement to each other in our physical goals whatever the level.


At Kontex we believe in giving our employees the autonomy and opportunity to grow. Team members are encouraged to be proactive, upskill within their role, research cutting edge technology, systems and maintain a current awareness of developments and threats in the cyberscape. We give employees the scope to challenge themselves by exposing them to real projects and in addition to providing an onboarding mentor we also ask all team members to lean in to support their growth.

Kontex assists you in all manor of advancements in your career from attaining certifications, both self directed and instructor led to external training programmes, and more. We want you to have a career at Kontex, not just a job.

Meet The Team

Amongst all the hard work and serious Cyber stuff, we laugh often.

Patrick O' Callaghan

Managing Director

Michael Perez


Frank Renehan


Cathal Slattery


Michal Scackov


Romuald Bukaty

SOC Analyst

Rohan Bajaj

Security Manager

Rafael Ferrante

DLP Consultant

Richard O'Connor

Account Executive

Pieter Bredekamp

Project Manager

Phillip O'Reilly

Senior Engineer

Pamela O' Brien

Marketing Manager

Nikitha Cheemati

Information Security Analyst

Niall Curran

Senior Security Engineer

Michael Kavanagh

Technical Support Engineer

Matthew Regazzoli

Cyber Security Consultant

Martins Vitols

Senior Security Consultant

Martin Smith

Head of Cloud Services

Mark Sullivan


Mark Lillis

Senior Project Manager

Manos Skoras

Cloud Security Architect

Lukasz Dabrowka

IT Helpdesk Analyst

Liz Carter

Head of HR

Lafras Du Plessis

Penetration Tester

Keith Batterham

Application Security Lead

Jonathan Trayers

Associate Director

Joachim Lassus

Technical Account Lead

Jesús Manuel Martín Jurado

Security Engineer

John Quinn

Senior Cybersecurity Project Manager

Jubby Quiton

Security Consultant

Jennifer O'Donnovan

Threat Hunter

Jason Carter

Associate Director

Henrique Ferreira

Technical Support Engineer

Gary Canning

Security Engineer

Eric Chapin

Senior Security Architect

Elena Donea

Cyber Security Consultant

Ellen Swords

Information Security Manager

Elaine Long

Business Development Consultant

Danielle Palmer

Head of Channel Partnerships

Daire Madden

Cyber Security Analyst Intern

Colum Reade

UK&I New Business Development Director

Christopher Lyons

IT Admin

Chloe Loughnane

Technical Support Engineer

Connor McCabe

Threat and Vulnerability Management Specialist

Ciaran Smith

Senior Cyber Security Consultant

Brandon Crowley

Cyber Security Consultant

Ali Chabanov

Technical Support Engineer

Alan McCormack

Senior Consultant / Incident Response Manager

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