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Cyber Team as a Service

Cyber Team as a Service

Enabling an Effective Cyber Programme

Building an effective cyber team with experienced security leadership is not an easy task.

Cyber security is a specialised field, requiring a thorough knowledge of contemporary security technologies, and a clear understanding of the current threat landscape and the latest defence best-practices.

High-profile data breaches accompanied by the subsequent fines and reputational damage thanks to more stringent regulation and enforcement powers, have brought cyber security into the public focus: security is now simply too important to ignore.

Cybersecurity Ventures forecasts that 100 percent of large corporations (Fortune 500, Global 2000) globally will have a CISO or equivalent position by 2021 (up from 70 percent in 2018), although many of them will be unfilled due to a lack of experienced candidates.

Kontex’s turn-key Cyber Team as a Service – CTaaS model will help your organisation to acquire security leadership expertise without the drawbacks of fulltime, expensive resources.

It will allow you to cost-effectively access strategic security experience and technical skills, gaining all the benefits while simplifying and reducing the cost involved (salary, hiring costs, sick pay, holiday pay, training costs and potential redundancy payments).

This will enable your organisation to build and maintain an ISMS (Information Security Management System) backed by highly experienced cyber security experts and take a risk-driven approach to protect sensitive assets, supported by your in-house IT team or service providers.

Kontex’s CTaaS provides the benefits of an in-house cyber security team without the challenge of attracting and retaining a much sought after senior full-time employees.

As part of the CTaaS offering, Kontex will provide an experienced security leader who will operationalise an effective cyber security programme for your organisation. They will deliver a detailed strategy highlighting risk based areas of improvement and will provide board-level engagement to win the investment required to mitigate your organisation’s key cyber security risks.

By acting as an extension of your in-house resources and gaining an intimate understanding of your business needs, the security leader will provide ongoing remediation support, security advice and guidance. In addition, the security leader will be backed by a team of senior subject matter experts and analysts that will be provide the expertise to operationalise security controls, while responding to threats and continually enforcing the organisational cyber programme. The blended team of specialists will provide benefits including:

  • Access resources quickly and eliminate the need to attract and retain talent
  • Gain open access a pool of experienced, specialised senior cyber security professionals
  • Provide measurable metrics to regulators and other governing entities – demonstrate alignment to industry standards such as NIST and ISO2700X
  • Reduce your risk by enhancing your cyber and information strategy with a clearly defined roadmap
  • Gain experience to educate and present to all types of senior executives, board members and non-technical senior staff

Kontex’s independent perspective and credibility can help secure cross-business support and achieve your information security goals.

A specialist cyber security service is only as good as its’ team of experts.

We understand that the importance of maintaining a skilled team across the breadth of cyber activities is imperative for the protection of your organisation’s information assets and people. Our team of analysts and cyber experts will work as an extension of your team to understand your organisation, define a comprehensive strategy, detect threats and respond appropriately.

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