Under Attack?

Cyber Crisis Simulation

Cyber Crisis Simulation

Protection through preparedness: is your organisation fit to face a cyber-attack?

Organisations are faced with the challenge of building a culture of cyber security awareness. Leadership is often expected to be continuously accessible and responsive, they must carefully choose where they spend their time.

Senior management and leadership require training that equips them for crises. At Kontex, our Cyber Crisis Simulations go beyond what is offered by standard web-based learning, they speak directly to your leadership team and your organisation.

Cyber Crisis Simulations are table-top exercises designed to immerse participants in the complex world of cyber-attacks.  Our executive level simulation helps leadership to better understand cyber-attacks and the particular threats facing their industry. It will equip them with the insight, tools, and strategies to better respond to a cyber emergency. Our experienced team of incident response and threat intelligence experts will tailor our simulations to align to the threat profile facing your organisation.

In the new front line of crime, can your organisation afford to be left in the dark?

Tailored Approach

We will work with you to adapt a simulation from our portfolio to best suit the pressing threats facing your organisation and industry.


Whether it’s onsite or in a virtual boardroom, our experienced facilitators will explore how a crisis can unfold, and how to respond. This exercise will educate and prepare the executive team for the day we hope never arrives.


We will provide you with a feedback report giving you a set of actions and recommendations to help improve the incident response capabilities of your organisation.

Organisations need leaders who understand the cyber risks facing the organisation.

  • Incident response readiness – Prepare your organisation in the event of a complex cyber attack. Know what to do and when to do it
  • Pro-security culture – Foster and grow a pro-cyber security culture in your organisation
  • Regulatory response – Familiarise your organisation with what will be expected during a cyber security incident
  • Understand the risks – Gain insights into the evolving threat landscape facing your organisation
  • Secure your future – Ensure your organisation is safe, secure and equipped for future threats


Start your journey towards a more secure organisation

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