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Cyber Talent as a Service

Cyber Talent as a Service

Security is simply too important to ignore.

High-profile data breaches, subsequent fines and reputational damage compounded with more stringent regulation and enforcement powers, have brought cyber security into public focus.

Resourcing cyber talent with experienced security leadership is not an easy task. Cyber security is a specialised field, requiring thorough knowledge of contemporary security technologies, and a clear understanding of the current threat landscape and the latest defence best-practice.

68% of business leaders feel their cybersecurity risks are increasing.


More than 77% of organizations do not have an incident response plan.


40% of IT leaders say cybersecurity jobs are the most difficult to fill.

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Kontex’s Cyber Talent as a service will help your organisation leverage cyber security specialists without the drawbacks of complex executive searches, excessive recruitment fees, and endless interview cycles. It will allow you to cost-effectively access experienced security specialists who have been vetted, assessed, and validated by cyber industry veterans.

Our unique approach will enable your organisation to build and maintain a comprehensive cyber programme backed by highly experienced cyber security experts and take a risk-driven approach to protect sensitive assets, supported by your in-house IT team or service providers.

The cyber security skills shortage should be seen as an existential threat, not a minor inconvenience.

The cyber security skills shortage has two components;  There is not enough cyber security professionals in the overall pool, whilst there is an acute shortage of advanced cyber security skills.


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