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Cloud Security

Cloud Security

Assume breach, enhance visibility, retain control and improve security on your cloud transformation journey.

Cloud computing depends on resource sharing delivered over the Internet.  Multiple cloud solutions, hybrid environments and ecosystem complexities mean that only a small percentage of organisations have a complete picture of their cloud security posture. Moreover, the shared responsibility model leads to the wrong assumptions being made that the cloud providers are responsible for the end-to-end security of cloud applications.

These challenges only scratch the surface of major roadblocks of an organisation’s cloud-first journey.

Of the organisations using cloud services, more than 75% indicate they have a cloud-first strategy.


High-profile security breaches have raised issues around the role of security in any cloud journey.

Kontex has skilled resources and capabilities to respond to these security concerns with a complete portfolio of cloud security services across all cloud consumption types – SaaS, IaaS and PaaS.

Kontex can guide you through your cloud transformation journey ensuring security is at the heart of your cloud strategy. Our experts can help you define your current and/or target cloud security posture by leveraging decades of experience helping clients adopt cloud security. Kontex will take you through that journey, meeting compliance and regulatory requirements, as well as employing cloud security monitoring and response along the way.

Security is more like turn of a phrase when it comes to cloud.

Companies often do not understand the level of responsibility that reside with them, yielding in weak links in their cloud security chain. Kontex can help you address these misunderstandings when embarking on your cloud-first journey, enabling you to accelerate your business outcomes.

Kontex will ensure that your organisation adopts a security centric cloud ecosystem allowing you to benefit from:

  • Reduced overall risk
  • Data protection across all cloud environments
  • Identity and access management
  • Continuous threat monitoring and incidence response
  • Meeting regulatory compliance obligations, and more


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