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Azure Lighthouse- a Game Changer for MSP’s & Customers

Azure Lighthouse Introduction: 

Azure Lighthouse brings the capabilities of managing multiple subscriptions across different tenants with granular delegated resource management from a single account. Azure Lighthouse is fully flexible to manage Azure entities across multiple environments or customers without having to sign into different accounts. Managing multi-tenant environments with that level of scalability, automation, and governance has never been easier. At Kontex, we use this to collaborate with our customers on securing and maintaining their Azure environments. 

Customers have full control over who has access to their subscriptions, the resources that can be accessed, and what actions can be taken. Azure Lighthouse gives a single pane of glass view for all the hundreds of azure entities, allowing you to manage your customer entities from your own tenant, while fully assuring security and transparency to your customer.  

The cross-tenant management capability will vastly improve your efficiency while working with Azure services such as Azure Sentinel and Azure Policy. There is detailed log-in in place to ensure you can identify what type of changes were made, in what resource and by whom. 

How do we implement this? 

The Azure lighthouse can be deployed either through the Marketplace or through the ARM (Azure Resource Manager) deployment procedure. Both ways are very straight forward, and the overall setup is complete within a few minutes.  

Whether it is onboarding single, multiple resource groups or even a whole subscription, customers can be supported by providing delegated access permissions to their service provider. 

What are the benefits of Azure Lighthouse? 

There are many benefits to using Azure Lighthouse, and we will get to them in a moment. First, let us look briefly at the challenges Azure Lighthouse overcomes. We know it is easy to manage one subscription. But managing hundreds of subscriptions across several tenants is increasingly complex because of multiple logins. Also, we must log in and log out each time to each account. It is quite challenging to switch between various tenants in a secure manner every time. Lighthouse eliminates this challenge.  

Azure Lighthouse Capabilities: 

  • Single-pane of glass: It allows you to manage your customers’ Azure resources securely from within your own account in a single-pane of glass from the Azure portal. Azure Lighthouse is a game-changer for managing hundreds of enterprises at one-go with centralised monitoring from a single portal. There is no need to switch context and control planes anymore. 
  • Free to use: Azure Lighthouse is a free service from Microsoft to manage as many Azure entities as required. Any Azure customer can use the lighthouse with no additional cost, and it is always ready to use. 
  • Greater visibility with high control: The customer has full control of over the delegated permissions to their entities. Furthermore, they can see details of every activity performed on their entities. 
  • Azure delegated resource management: Customers can control service provider access from Subscription level to Resource Group which provides enhanced security over their environment. This is especially useful for those customers with multiple subscriptions, or who have many users performing management tasks. 

How Kontex can help you? 

Are you using numerous Azure AD (Active Directory) subscriptions and struggling to manage all the resources simultaneously? Are you facing difficulty in maintaining multi-tenant management with appropriate automation and security? Do you strive to deliver an efficient service whilst having a single pane of glass in monitoring the actions performed to each of the resources?  

We can support you in deploying Azure Lighthouse, allowing you to manage your environment with greater visibility & cross-tenant management experience.  

Contact info@kontex.com today to connect with one of our Azure experts.  

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