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Harden your End-of-Life System with Symantec Data Centre Security

Are you worried about the security of your legacy servers? Are you unable to move away from a legacy OS due to a mission critical application not supporting newer operating systems? Windows 2012 is fast approaching its end of support in 2023 while Windows 2003 and 2008 are long since unsupported. Numerous organisations retain these outdated platforms due to business requirements, despite the security risks posed in doing so.

Symantec Data Centre Security secures, hardens and monitors the compliance posture of servers. It provides least privileged access & controls, which allows the lockdown of server configurations/settings, which mitigates the risks of breaches against otherwise vulnerable systems. This allows you to harden your End-of-Life systems so you can maintain security compliance and meet regulatory obligations.

Some benefits of using Symantec DCS with legacy systems:

  • Reduces security concerns due to lack of vendor support
  • Reduces security incidents
  • Protects against zero-day malware
  • Little maintenance once setup
  • Provides consistent host security
  • Lower costs
  • Little to no downtime or business disruption
  • Gives the business control and time to migrate the system

Using Symantec Data Centre Security, a Host IPS/IDS agent is deployed to servers to monitor for application and OS kernel activities. This approach allows us to whitelist expected application behaviour and lock down admin rights and access to applications.

Some benefits of the HIPS/HIDS agent:

  • No scanning required
  • No internet connection is required
  • Proactive policy enforcement
  • Single agent for both HIPS/HIDS components
  • The Agent doesn’t need connection to the server to continue providing protection
  • Small memory, cpu and disk usage footprint

We can configure custom policies to fit the server by sandboxing applications and only allowing expected activities to run. Once this policy is configured there will be little to no business disruption. You will gain real-time visibility and control of the system’s compliance.

Symantec Data Centre Security offers the following features for legacy systems:

  • Application Whitelisting
  • Targeted Prevention Policies
  • Granular Intrusion Prevention Policies
  • Files, Systems and Admin Lockdown
  • File Integrity Monitoring
  • Configuration Monitoring

Once Symantec DCS hardening is in place a migration can be executed in a sustainable way, suitable to the business’ needs and budget. The lack of operating system and/or application support should no longer be a concern for your business.

How Kontex can help

Kontex can support you with your Symantec DCS strategy, implementation and operation. We can tailor the protection policies to align with the legacy systems your business needs. Our structure approach to planning and deploying DCS allows you to seamlessly transition the system into a protected state with minimal business impact and remove the worry of End-of-Life systems.

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