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Kontex become Certified Proud!

It is with immense pride that today we announce Kontex are members of Certified Proud, an accreditation membership body that strives towards LGBTQ+ equality throughout businesses in Ireland.

Tomorrow May 22nd marks the 6th Anniversary of the passing of the Marriage Equality Referendum, where Ireland showed the world that for the most part, we are a progressive and inclusive society. Our country has made great strides, but at Kontex we know we must play an active role to encourage a continued mindset change and acceptance. In 2019 CSO figures revealed members of the LGBTQ+ community experience the highest rates of discrimination in Ireland. A total of 33.2% reported they were targeted over the past two years. Also in 2019, The Oireachtas publication highlighted the existence of an employment gap, LGBTQ people are less likely to be employed than non-LGBTQ+ people.

Kontex Managing Director Patrick O’Callaghan said “An inclusive culture, a safe environment, fostering empathy and mutual respect is absolutely the kind of company we want to nurture here at Kontex, for all members of staff and from all walks of life. Our diversity motto is ‘Committed to Better’ so investing in Certified Proud and their principles was an easy decision to make.”

Certified Proud Member organisations pay a joining fee and sign an agreement to incorporate the ‘Certified Proud Principles’ into their company culture, promising a safe, equal, respectful and visibly inclusive environment all year – not just for the month of Pride. Each member will be provided with guidelines on how to make their business more inclusive for customers and employees of the LGBTQ+ community. They will also receive training and networking opportunities throughout the year.

Certified Proud conducts yearly audits of each member, who must reach a satisfaction rate to remain Certified Proud under the current contract. If this is not met, a review will take place with next steps to be actioned for improvement. Member organisations of Certified Proud give back to the LGBTQ+ community by way of membership fee, 40% of which will be donated to charities and projects dedicated to improving the lives of LGBTQ+ individuals in Ireland.

Liam Redmond, Co-founder of Certified Proud, said “We’re delighted to welcome Kontex Cyber Security onboard as members of Certified Proud. Cyberbullying is one of the most prevalent forms of discrimination LGBTQ+ people face. We need to take proactive steps to ensure it is eradicated. Data privacy will be instrumental in this. We look forward to working with Kontex who can educate our community and especially our youth about how to keep safe online.”

For more information contact:

Pamela O’Brien, Marketing Manager, Kontex. pamela.obrien@kontex.com

Liam Redmond, Certified Proud liam@certifiedproud.com

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