Under Attack?

Celebrating Pride through Diversity and Inclusion

🏳‍🌈”Welcome to my favourite month of the year, Pride month! Celebrated around the globe in different ways.

I hear all too much now “Why do we still need to celebrate Pride”? While yes, it is true we have become a more diverse society and yes, we did legalise same sex marriage (hallelujah) but unfortunately that does not mean we live in a Utopian society. We still have many challenges on a global scale for the LGBTIQ+ community.

In the past few months in Ireland there have been multiple attacks in our own cities where gay people have been set upon, beaten or lost their lives, because of their sexuality. And unfortunately, we still have people who cannot be themselves, and hide their sexuality.

I still remember in the early years of my career where jokes about gay people came thick and fast. I really didn’t feel comfortable for a long time to come out of the shadows and say, ‘actually guy’s I’m one of those gay people,’ and I really didn’t feel there was any respect for diversity. It affected how I saw and worked with those ‘colleagues.’

When I was considering coming to work in Kontex, the commitment to Diversity was a key factor in my final decision to join. Being a member of Certified Proud sends a big message for me. Kontex have committed to respecting all employees and provide a safe place to work. I’m already sighing with relief! Kontex also commit to being inclusive which means we can embrace difference and not see it as stigmatising.

The Kontex commitment to Equality is very comforting and heart-warming for me, making for an incredibly positive and enjoyable working environment. I welcome you to join me in celebrating Pride month and being an Ally for my LGBTIQ+ family, I also hope you take the Certified Proud Principals and practice them daily with your customers, friends, and family.”

Happy Pride!

Olga 🏳‍🌈


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