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Technical Project Management with Kontex

What Is Technical Project Management? 

Technical Project Management blends the traditional skills of a Project Manager with an individual who has technical knowledge, training, and expertise. The traditional Project Manager plays an important role in leading a project through its key stages; initiation, planning, execution, monitoring, controlling and completion. Project Managers provide team members the time needed to conduct the effort involved in completing the project without the worry of collating data, creating, and presenting updates to senior management. Project Managers take the responsibility of scheduling, tracking, and maintaining the project documents from internal team members. This gives internal managers the time required for their daily tasks and reduces additional stress placed on teams.

Key Project Manager tasks:

  • Create a project plan
  • Schedule team update calls
  • Present project updates to senior management
  • Raise the appropriate risks, dependencies, assumptions identified throughout the project
  • Track ongoing actions and ensure completion
  • Inform of and escalate risks to the appropriate management level when required
  • Maintain project structure to support project success

It is the Technical Project Manager’s responsibility to manage the communication to both technical and non-technical stakeholders in the organisation.

What are the benefits of Technical Project Management?

The ability to communicate effectively to technical stakeholders and teams is the key factor which differentiates Technical Project Managers to the traditional Project Manager.

Technical Project Managers utilise their experience in technical fields to understand a client’s challenges more efficiently. This insight not only helps to build realistic project plans as Technical Project Managers can gauge the technical effort required in tasks but also benefits throughout the project phases. Understanding challenges, the team may face and communicating effectively to all stakeholders with technical information broken down.

Technical Project Managers have the suitable knowledge for internal team integration, to lead engineers and to support in the understanding required for technical execution.

How can Kontex support you?

Kontex have an experienced team of certified Project Managers ready to support our clients with initiating new projects and supporting ongoing projects. Kontex offers individual and multi-team structured solutions to our clients. Our team centric culture allows us to support each other and our clients to succeed. Kontex Technical Project Managers stay on top of industry trends and can leverage our shared knowledge and skills to bring our clients the very best outcome.

Our Technical Project Managers can better support you to:

  • Scale the effort involved in projects
  • Support team members facing challenges
  • Present to technical stakeholders
  • Answer technical queries from non-technical stakeholders
  • Raise the appropriate risks, dependencies, assumptions to the correct level considering the technical impact
  • Consult with Kontex team members by request

Kontex’s priority will always be the client and project outcome. Our team is built with individuals who are personable, organised, thrive with responsibility, and communicate in a clear and concise manner and can easily integrate themselves into your team.

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