Under Attack?

Trust your email with DMARC enforcement

Impersonation attacks continue to be a major cyber threat. One third of organisations in 2020 saw impersonation as their biggest email threat. Combating this threat needs increasing resources from secure email gateways, threat intelligence feeds to user awareness training. These tools can and do help our users from being trapped by these threats.

Machine learning, content analysis and other email inspection technologies are hit and miss; they are particularly vulnerable to newer or rarer attacks such as highly-targeted and well-crafted attacks.

Using DMARC, DKIM and SPF technologies we can protect our users, customers and partners from email attacks impersonating our domains. While important for all organisations, this is particularly important for B2C organisations where customer trust is a vital commodity.

Key benefits of DMARC enforcement:


  • Publishing a DMARC record protects your brand by preventing unauthenticated parties from sending mail from your domain.
  • Enhancing your domain reputation increases delivery rates to recipients.


  • DMARC reports increase visibility into your email program by letting you know who is sending emailsfrom your domain.
  • Without this visibility, it is challenging to understand who and what is using your domain.


  • DMARC provides a strong instruction to mail servers to quarantine or discard email that doesn’t authenticate.
  • Trust and defend the email that comes from your domains.

How can Kontex help?

Kontex have implemented DMARC enforcement on more than one thousand domains, across industries including Financial Services, Automotive, Professional Services and more. In partnership with Valimail, the leading DMARC automation providers, our engineers can allow you to trust your email again.

Implementation & Enforcement

Kontex can scope and execute your DMARC programme to achieve DMARC enforcement and prevent attackers from abusing your domains and damaging brand reputation. We will work with you to achieve DMARC enforcement before empowering your team to assume operational responsibility for DMARC.

Managed DMARC

Kontex provide a fully managed DMARC service where we implement DMARC enforcement across your domains and provide the operational resources to ensure that you stay protected. Kontex engineers will manage onboarding and offboarding of new sending services, adding new domains to your estate and troubleshooting any challenges. We will also provide regular reporting and alerting.

At Kontex we have the breadth of experience and the skills in this space and are happy to discuss further or arrange a Free Assessment. For more information, please contact frank@kontex.com

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