Protect Your IT Infrastructure – Get a Symantec Endpoint Protection Health Check!

Calling all Symantec Endpoint Protection (SEP) customers! Do you have a version of SEP that is perhaps not offering ultimate protection for your IT infrastructure?

SEP 14.2 RU1 (released in April 2019) is the most current Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager release after version 14.2 MP1. Version 15 (released in December 2018) is the most current cloud console (Symantec Integrated Cyber Defense Manager) release of Symantec Endpoint Protection. The main difference is that SEP 14 is an on-premise solution and SEP 15 is cloud-hosted. With older versions of SEP soon going “end of life”, our advice is to upgrade to version SEP 14 or SEP 15 to ensure your IT infrastructure remains protected.

To ensure that you are maintaining the strongest possible security posture, Kontex is proposing to conduct a detailed review of your current SEP configuration to ensure you are getting the best out of the product. Kontex can carry out a SEP Health Check for all our Symantec customers which will cover a policy and configuration review to ensure best practice and optimum security.

Our SEP Health Check will be two or three days in duration and will be delivered by Kontex SEP specialists. The Health Check will review the implementation of SEP across the client landscape and recommendations will be made to optimise and troubleshoot any challenges faced.

Symantec Endpoint Protection 14 is eligible for a SEP Health Check. The Health Checks will also examine the deployment of Symantec Advanced Threat Protection (ATP)/Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) where present and remediate or enable this.

Health Check Image

SEP Assessment

The SEP Assessment for SEP is designed to provide deployment analysis, including technologies deployed, detection summary and client distribution. While it is not a deep dive, this review will allow us to understand how you, the customer, is using the product and whether you are using it to the best of its ability. Whether it is a technology challenge, user education or time to upgrade, we will be able to help ensure the product is performing at its best.

In short, the SEP Health Checks look at the core areas of SEP such as SEP manager configuration improvements and SEP endpoint policy and settings to ensure your IT infrastructure is protected. They can also resolve challenges with the product and allow you to identify vulnerabilities that need

to be patched. Our aim is to help you maximise the benefits of your Symantec products and obtain the best value by identifying improvements and enhancements.

Kontex has previously worked with clients such as ICON and Paddy Power to improve their IT security by carrying out Symantec Health Checks. Upon Kontex’s optimisation of SEP, both clients not only renewed their SEP licences but also adopted ATP/EDR and have achieved great success as a result: “include client quote here”.

To find out more about our Symantec solutions or avail of our Health Checks, please visit our website: SEP Health Check.