Managed Technology Services

Focus on your business, we’ll focus on the Security.

Have the confidence that a specialised team of information security specialists, based in Ireland, are maintaining and monitoring your investments in IT security technologies. The Kontex Technology Service team consists of trained professionals who have achieved advanced certifications in the technologies we manage. Concentrate on your business, while we concentrate on keeping your organisation safe.

  • Maximise your return on investment, knowing that you have a team of experts in the technology monitoring and maintaining your technologies.

  • Carry out daily health checklists to ensure your security technologies are running optimally and protecting your organisation.

  • On-board new machines, employees, and devices onto your platforms.

  • Review incidents and events and escalate to your organisation’s internal teams so that they can focus on responding to the events that really matter.

  • Fine tune policies and procedures for continual improvement on the technologies’ ability to detect incidents and event.

Managed Technology Services – Symantec DLP

Symantec Enterprise Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

With organisations producing more data than ever before, the risk of leaking or exposing valuable data is dramatically increasing. These exposures put organisations at risk of financial harm, reputational damage, sanctions, and losing its competitive edge in the market. Swiftly respond to the data leaks within your organisation by leveraging Kontex’s team of Data Loss Prevention (DLP) specialists to:

Build Your Policies

Build your data loss policies to ensure that interactions with your sensitive data is being logged and protected from transfer to personal email addresses, cloud-based file sharing sites, USB storage devices, and other inappropriate destinations.

Review Your Events

Review each of your data loss events and escalate to management the critical breaches so that your organisation can quickly and effectively respond to data leaks.

Fine Tune Your Policies

Fine-tune data policies and manage exceptions to ensure that your organisation is protected from data leaks, while your business continues to grow.

Managed Technology Services – Symantec DCS

Symantec Data Centre Security (DCS)

Symantec Data Centre Security (DCS) platform helps ensure that your organisation’s critical servers are protected from viruses, worms, hacking attacks, and zero-days vulnerability– even on legacy, end-of-life operating systems. DCS, which takes a multi-layered approach to securing your systems and applications, requires a depth of knowledge to effectively implement and maintain so that your IT estate remains safe, and works without disruption to the business. By engaging the Kontex team to manage your Symantec DCS program, Kontex can:

  • On-board your organisation’s servers onto the DCS platform and monitor behaviour to ensure that existing applications and services continue to work optimally.

  • Tune policies and security features to ensure that your organisation’s servers have been hardened and secured from vulnerabilities, without blocking necessary processes and applications from operating.

  • Review security events and escalate to your internal security teams, incident response teams, and IT operations.

Managed Technology Services – Symantec SEP

Symantec Endpoint Protection (SEP)

Organisations need more than just an anti-virus solution to keep their endpoints secured. With Symantec Endpoint Protection (SEP), organisations can utilise advanced machine learning addresses to protect their endpoints against malware, memory exploits, network threats, and suspicious behaviour. Let Kontex’s team of SEP experts manage you SEP estate by:

Configuration Assessments

Carrying out a configuration assessment to ensure that your SEP environment has been configured appropriately to secure your endpoints from threats.

Deploy SEP

Deploying SEP across end-points to ensure comprehensive endpoint coverage.

Updated Endpoints

Ensuring endpoints are kept compliant with latest SEP updates.

Review Events

Reviewing security events and triaging endpoints to ensure that compromised machines cannot cause further damage to your network.

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