Privacy & GDPR Services

Since the introduction of the GDPR in May 2018, Kontex have helped many organisations manage data protection compliance and mature. We assist our clients in improving and maintaining compliance as the regulatory environment evolves and develops legal precedent.
GDPR & Privacy
Unlike other organisations who provide advice on “recommended” privacy processes, Kontex privacy professionals have unrivalled expertise to support companies with their day to day challenges around legal concerns, data management, IT and information security. Our team have significant experience and accreditations across all fields with trained legal & privacy professionals working in the IT and security fields for many years.

Our Services

Understand your organisations collection and processing workflows in a practical manner and engage in with management, business owners, compliance; IT & security. Develop your organisations readiness against the applicable regulations to your trading environment (GDPR; HIPAA; CCPA etc.). Undertake detailed risk assessments in line with the understanding of your environment, data workflows and processes to highlight real and substantial risks and highlight your crown jewels requiring genuine focus.
Develop a strategy encompassing recognised industry and regulatory standards for board approval. We provide a tailored framework with detailed processes to ensure a smooth implementation.
Prepare PIAs in line with regulatory requirements and for regulatory works councils.
Provide organisations with valuable DPO level assistance with the highest standard of experienced professionals who have worked as DPOs and helped organisations across many verticals and industries.
We provide a team of highly skilled and accredited legal, eDiscovery & Digital Forensics individuals who have assisted many regulatory handovers and can streamline the SAR process to reduce time and costs in responding.
Our team have assisted many organisations in developing mature breach response processes and also responding to live suspected breaches in real time. We play an active role in the end to end activities from technical professionals investigating the malicious activity to legal privacy professionals engaging with regulatory authorities and data subjects to minimise impact.
Kontex provide in depth and independent insight into technologies, tools and automation. We assist our clients in technology bake-offs to ensure they are placed to derive most benefit from their chosen technology investment. This reduces the cost of compliance and associated IT and security risk.