Social Engineering

Social Engineering

People are the weakest link in your security chain.

Minimise the risk of handing over ownership of your sensitive information and enhance your employee cyber awareness through simulated campaigns. A single person in your organisation could be the cause of a major security breach. How do you ensure that your company stays two steps ahead of cyber criminals?

Protecting and educating your employees on how to better recognise social engineering efforts is as important as defending your systems and networks.

91% of attacks by sophisticated cyber criminals start through email

33% of data breaches involved social engineering


65% relate to identity theft


An attacker can use a combination of vectors when conducting a social engineering attack. Distinguishing a legitimate ask from one that would cause damage is an ongoing problem.

Phishing, spear phishing, voice phishing (vishing), elicitation are all examples of social engineering. Common characteristics across all tactics are:

  • Impersonation
  • A sense of urgency and authority
  • Scarcity – Something that only “you” have
  • Social proof – persuasion of target that people have behaved similarly

Humans are highly susceptible to falling for manipulative tactics.

This provides an open door for attackers to gain access to your sensitive information.

Realising a manipulative tactic before it’s too late is key to supressing a social engineering attack. Kontex have the right skillset to evaluate the effectiveness of your security awareness training and lift your employees’ ability to recognise requests from untrusted sources.

  • Reduce the likelihood of a costly breach
  • Improve security awareness
  • Protect your business, employees and customers
  • Reduce risk

Service Offering

Kontex are in a leading position to offer bespoke security awareness training to improve your resilience against social engineering attacks. Our team understands the complexities of focusing on core business activities, whilst promoting a strong security awareness culture.

  • Phishing Simulation – Setup, launch and real-time monitoring of phishing emails
  • Vishing Simulation – Test awareness of sharing sensitive information over the phone
  • Security Awareness Training – Educate employees by various means
  • Evaluation of controls and co-ordinate improvement efforts


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